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LINC Medical Systems Ltd. is an established supplier of medical devices and consumables to UK healthcare providers.

We believe our business should be conducted in an open and honest manner with our customers and business partners. This means we strive to provide excellent customer service at all times.

We specialise in Urology, Blood therapies (Nephrology, Plasmapheresis, Blood Collection and Processing), Transplant, Vascular Access, Rehabilitation and Calibration.

LINC Medical exists to provide innovative solutions for today’s healthcare challenges.

As an independent company we have access to a wide range of suppliers from which we can source some of the most innovative and cost-effective products on the market. As an independent family-owned company we can respond quickly to feedback from our customers and ensure the products we supply are suited to their needs.

We always seek to ensure our products are sourced as ethically as possible.


LINC Medical Systems Ltd is founded by Stephen Bailey

Stephen Bailey launched LINC Medical Systems to bring innovative Plasma Apheresis therapies and Urology products to the UK National Health Service. Stephen is a nurse by training and has worked in ICU and Coronary Care in Leicester hospitals and LOROS (The Leicestershire Hospice). Before starting LINC Medical systems he worked for 8 years at Gambro (now Baxter) as a Product Specialist, selling Haemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, plasma apheresis and CRRT products. His clinical background helps him to understand the needs of our customers.

Distribution of the Infomed HF440 plasma therapy machine.

LINC Medical took on distribution of the Infomed HF440 plasma therapy machine. The HF440 was the only machine to offer Double Filtration Plasma Pheresis at that time in the UK. Double Filtration is a treatment which filters the patient’s own plasma with a second filter. It semi selectively removes the pathological proteins and returns the remainder of the patient’s normal plasma. This reduces dependence on donor plasma lowering the risk of adverse reactions. LINC Medical is the largest supplier of Double Filtration treatments and the second largest supplier of plasma apheresis therapies in the UK.

Distributors for Yushin all-silicone catheters.

Yushin catheters are made of biocompatible silicone, offer an open tipped design and an ‘Unibal integral balloon.’ These features have become very popular among our customers due to reduced trauma on insertion and removal and reduced catheter blockage.

A year for growth

LINC Medical became 100% owned by Stephen Bailey with 8 employees. LINC Medical moved into new premises in Countesthorpe, Leicestershire.

A fresh face for a growing company

LINC Medical was rebranded in 2013 with a new logo.

A big move to new premises

LINC Medical systems moves to a new, 800 m2 premises with integrated warehousing in central Leicester. LINC Medical Systems now has 21 dedicated staff members. Our new building incorporates numerous  technologies to insure LINC operations are environmentally friendly:

  • 30 Kw of Photovoltaic panels
  • Storage batteries
  • Mechanical heat recovery ventilation system
  • Fully insulated warehouse cladding

A Year of Transformative Growth

LINC continues to be family a owned business. It has experienced prominence in the Acute market for its renal products and double-digit growth in the Homecare urology market. We have ventured into an AI based product offering in the form of LiverFast – an algorithm that utilizes AI to help diagnose NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease).


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