Don’t let your choice of catheter dictate your choice of lifestyle

Linc Medical have revolutionised the Indwelling Catheter to bring increased user comfort with fewer bladder related problems

Helps Protect Against Infection

Fewer infections means fewer antibiotics and better health

Excellent Drainage

Fewer blockages means fewer catheter changes and trips to hospital

Reduces Trauma & Catheter Pain

Catheter changes no longer have to be painful ordeals

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Not All Catheters Are Built The Same

Problems with Standard Catheters

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Order your free Optitip catheter sample pack today. Includes Optitip Catheter & Free Syringe & Gel!

100% Medical Grade Silicone (Latex Free)

Licensed for Urethral & Suprapubic use for up to 12 weeks

5% Glycerine Inflation Syringe Included

Free Empty Syringe for balloon deflation

Free Lubricant Gel Included

Want it on Prescription?

Get Optitip on Prescription

The Optitip catheter is available on prescription and can be ordered using the following codes:

CH Product code Description Balloon PIP code
12CH 1007UB12OT Standard Length 5ml 4045910
14CH 1007UB14OT Standard Length 5ml 4045928
16CH 1007UB16OT Standard Length 5-10ml 4045936
18CH 1007UB18OT Standard Length 5-10ml 4045944
12CH 1007UBF12OT Female Length 5ml 4045951
14CH 1007UBF14OT Female Length 5ml 4045969
16CH 1007UBF16OT Female Length 5-10ml 4045977
18CH 1007UBF18OT Female Length 5-10ml 4045985