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Pleura Guard

Plasters and DressingsPleura-GuardAnchoring device for pleura drainage cathetersProduct InformationProduct DescriptionSecure anchoring of Pleura Drainage Catheters Pleura-Guard is an anchoring device for pleural drainage catheters from 16 French to 30 French. The device consists of a skin-side surface with a super skin friendly hydrocolloid adhesive combined with a specially designed foam block which efficiently prevents kinking of the catheter. A non-woven lid provides an effective securing of the catheter on the foam block. In addition catheters are prevented from being expelled by the body and the secure anchoring of the catheter also prevents catheter movements from enlarging the catheter exit site, which is why less leakage is experienced. The catheter exit site is covered by a transparent hydrocolloid lid protecting the puncture site from contamination while allowing continuous monitoring of the puncture site. The hydrocolloid used for the carrier and the puncture site lid absorbs exudates and thus prevents skin maceration and excessive growth of micro-organisms. Finally, the use of suture for anchoring of the catheter may be omitted in most cases and the slim design of the Pleura-guard allows the anchoring of two catheters positioned at a short distance. Patient friendly fixation The low and slim design of the Pleura-Guard…
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Epi Guard

Plasters and DressingsEpi-GuardAnchoring device for epidural cathetersProduct InformationProduct DescriptionSafe anchoring of catheters Epi-Guard is an anchoring device for epidural catheters. The device consists of a skin-side surface with a super skin friendly adhesive combined with a specially designed foam block that safely anchors epidural catheters. The hydrocolloid carrier will absorb body fluids or anaesthetic agent that backflow from the needle punctures with local anaesthesia given prior to insertion of the epidural catheter. The soft foam support block prevents kinking of the catheter, even if the patient should lie on it. For the sake of the patient Epidural catheters are typically secured inadequately by PU-film or other adhesive dressing and accidental displacement of the catheter is frequently seen. Not only will this cause the patient to experience a period without sufficient anaesthesia, but a very uncomfortable insertion of a new catheter is also required. When Epi-Guard is being used, accidental displacement of the epidural catheter will be very rare. Because the hydrocolloid carrier has been carefully tested for skin irritation, the risk of skin reactions is minimal. The Epi-Guard gives the patient great freedom to move around without worrying about the catheter. Easy to use The Epi-Guard is easy and fast…
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