Plasma Therapies


Plasma TherapiesSECORIM® ABOABO ColumnsRequest a demoProduct InformationProduct DescriptionSECORIM®-ABO enables transplantations across blood group barriers by specific removal of the organ recipient’s blood group anti-A and/or anti-B antibodies (ABO-antibodies). Features: Specific removal of incompatible ABO antibodies in connection with organ transplantation Easy handling E-beam sterlised DEHP free Request a free demonstrationCONTACTORDER CODESORDER CODES Order Code Description Qty/Box A100 Secorim ABO Immunoadsorption column for the adsorption of anti-A antibodies.  Donor blood group A, recipient blood group O or B. 1 B100 Secorim ABO Immunoadsorption column for the adsorption of anti-B antibodies. Donor blood group B, recipient blood group O or A. 1 AB100 Secorim ABO Immunoadsorption column for the adsorption of both Anti-A and Anti-B antibodies. Donor blood group AB, recipient A, B, or 0. 1 Related Products HF440 Interested in this product?Request a call-backTALK TO US
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Plasma TherapiesHF440Plasmapheresis MachineRequest a DemoProduct InformationProduct DescriptionComprehensive The HF440 offers the most complete range of treatments all available with a full range of flows from baby to adult in high volume. Single needle blood access, as well as all anticoagulation methods are also available for all treatments, thus the HF440 perfectly meets all the hospital needs. Easy operation The HF440 is easy to use thanks to its full touch screen interface, the record of data and the graphs for pressures and masses. Its low weight and small dimensions make it easy to move while the pre-assembled sets, scales system up to 40 kg and clear messages helps to reduce operators workload. Innovative features HF440 offers unique features such as automatic adjustment of predilution, rinsing by flush of the cascade filter (Dr Branger’s method), single needle blood access or CPFA treatment. Request a free demonstrationCONTACTORDER CODESTUTORIALSAVAILABLE TREATMENTSTECHNICAL INFORMATIONORDER CODES HF440 HF440 Haemofiltration / Haemodiafiltration / Plasma exchange / haemoperfusion machine (4 pump) Each HF440/5TH Optional Fifth Pump for HF440 Each HF440/DFPP Optional Double Filtration Plasmapheresis & Plasma Perfusion Each TUTORIALSAVAILABLE TREATMENTS TPE : Therapeutic Plasma Exchange CPFA : Coupled plasma filtration adsorption HP : HemoPerfusion DFPP : Double filtration PlasmaPheresis PP…
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