A handy guide to catheter valves

Catheter valves offer an alternative means of urine drainage to a bag. A valve connects to the end of your catheter so your bladder fills with urine instead of a leg bag. You can then open the valve at regular intervals to drain your bladder. The valve acts just like a lever valve on a drainage bag: To open, push the lever down towards the floor To close, pull it back again The benefits of a catheter valve many patients report the following benefits from using a catheter valve: Comfort – no heavy bag to hang down Dignity – small and easy to conceal Protection – less risk of damage to sensitive body parts as no heavy weight hanging from the outside of your body and protection of the bladder wall as it is lifted above the catheter when full Preservation – using a valve helps to keep the tone of your bladder muscles and elastic fibres which can be lost with a bag Reduced blockage – due to the catheter regularly being flushed with urine Independence – valves may help you to manage your continence difficulties with less outside help Mobility – easier to move with a small valve…
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