Meet the enemy: Old Foley!

So many catheter users report having problems with their catheters. Whether infections, blockages, spasms or bypassing, most catheter users find that a product that is meant to help them live their daily lives can end up becoming an enemy within.

LINC catheters are designed to help the user, helping to solve some of the problems that catheter users face with the old foley catheter design. But often it’s difficult to communicate this to catheter users. So we recently spent some time coming up with a storyboard for a video which personifies the two contrasting types of catheter. Yes, we created catheter characters! In the video below, you will meet ‘Old Foley’, the grumpy old catheter that spends his time poking, prodding, blocking and refusing change. But soon after, the superhero LINC catheters come to rescue, booting out old Foley and demonstrating their super benefits for catheter users.

We had great fun producing this video and working with to get it animated. They confessed to us during the production process that their animators had never been given the task of personifying a urinary catheter before! We think they did a sterling job.

What do you think? Check out our new video below and let us know your thoughts:

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