Kalpesh Desai

Field Technician

Kalpesh joined LINC as a Field Technician in 2019. Before joining LINC he was working with the Royal Berkshire Hospital as a Renal technician and then was promoted to Senior Renal Technician. He was part of the Renal team which was responsible for 6 Dialysis units, water plants and other Renal related equipment.

Kalpesh says, “LINC have offered me great a opportunity to enhance my knowledge and working experience in the field of engineering for medical devices. I am enjoying my time at LINC, we have a large range of devices to work with – IBP meters, Tube Sealers, Chairs, Veinplicity, Medbike and of course last but not least the HF440 which provides many different Renal Replacement therapies.”



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