LINC Leg Bag Sleeve

Drainage Bag Securement Device


Do you find standard leg bag straps constrictive and ineffective at securing your bag?

The LINC Leg Bag Sleeve provides a comfortable, discreet and secure alternative to straps.

Product Benefits:

  • Comfortable
    • The sleeve distributes tension evenly across the thigh or calf, allowing free blood flow
    • Soft, breathable, lightweight fabric ensures a comfortable wear throughout the day
    • External seam protects skin and ensures a smoother wear, ideal for neurological patients
    • Longer in length to improve drainage. Shorter sleeves can cause compression at either end of a leg bag, leading to poor drainage.
  • Durable
    • Knitted fibre for strength
    • Machine washable for easy cleaning
    • Strengthened outlet hole to ensure continuous bag support
    • Retains its length and flexibility after repeated washes
  • Secure
    • Supports the weight of the bag preventing the bag from sliding down the leg
    • Helps to stabilize the catheter without restricting patient movement
  • Discreet
    • Contours to leg shape ensuring even distribution of urine
    • Dampens unwanted leg bag rustling sounds commonly experienced when using straps
  • Adaptable
    • Suitable for patients with a suprapubic or urethral catheter, or a penile sheath
    • 5 different sizes to suit any patient with colour coding for easy reordering
    • 100% latex free – suitable for patients with rubber latex allergy

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LINC leg bag sleeves are available from all delivery services and pharmacies. Please contant us if you need any help getting hold of this product.

Product Code Description  Qty/pack PIP code
ME350 750S S SMALL (leg circum 24-39cm) 4 4099552
ME350 750S M MEDIUM (leg circum 36-55cm) 4 4099537
ME350 750S L LARGE (leg circum 40-70cm) 4 4099529
ME350 750S XL X-LARGE (leg circum 65-95cm) 4 4099511
ME350 750S XXL XX-LARGE (leg circum 75-105cm) 4 4099750
  • Latex free
  • Washable at 60 °C
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