LINC Panda Bags

Paediatric urine drainage bag

LINC Panda bag Paediatric Leg Bag Urine Drainage
LINC Panda bag Paediatric Leg Bag Urine Drainage

Paediatric urine drainage bag

Panda bags cater to the needs of infants and babies who require urine drainage.

  • Pleasing, child-friendly panda-themed design
  • Available with direct inlet, 10 cm tubes, 30 cm tube and in 150 ml and 250 ml capacities to suit different ages and needs.
  • Soft, fluffed fabric backing ensures the panda bag is comfortable
  • Needle-free sample port eliminates risk of needlestick injury
  • Each bag is supplied with an elasticated strap and nitrile gloves

Instructions For Use

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Product code Capacity Tube Tap Box Qty PIP Code
LM100SD-L 100ml Direct Lever 10 4050969
LM100MD-L 100ml 10cm Lever 10 4050993
LM100LD-L 100ml 30cm Lever 10 4051009
LM200SD-L 200ml Direct Lever 10 4051017
LM200MD-L 200ml 10cm Lever 10 4050977
LM200LD-L 200ml 30ml Lever 10 4050985
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