Reusable Night Drainage Bag

Urine drainage bag

LINC-Flo Reusable Night Drainage Bag
LINC-Flo Reusable Night Drainage Bag

LINC-Flo reusable night drainage bags allow problem free drainage to help patients have a good nights’ rest.

  • Integrated bed hanger for convenient hanging from bed frame
  • T-Tap/lever tap available depending on patient preference
  • Non-return valve minimises risk of urinary tract infection
  • Graduation markings in ml for self management
  • Universal connector with ridges
  • Needle free urine sampling port eliminates risk of needle stick injury
  • Long 120cm anti-kink tube allows patient movement
  • Nitrile gloves included

Instructions For Use

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  • Vent
  • Non return valve
  • Integral bed hanger
Product Code   Bag Size
Tap Box Qty PIP code
TZ02 2L T 10 3054822
TZ02-L 2L Lever 10 3720455
  • Non-return valve
Product Code   Bag Size
Tap Box Qty PIP code
SLC13 2L T 10 3406071
SLC13-L 2L Lever 10 3712247
T-Tap/Lever Tap Available Non-return valve Vent Integral Bed Hanger Pasteur Chamber
TZ01/-L x x x x x
TZO2/-L x x x x
SLC13/-L x x
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