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Self-Activating Pressure Bandages are used by blood & medical centres worldwide as post dialysis & injection site wound dressing. The cellulose pad expands up to seven times its original size on contact with blood. It can reduce pressure time over the traditional tape and gauze seals and isolates the site securely on all sides. They are versatile and may be used on most venous and arterial dialysis and blood sampling sites.


  • Get patients home sooner
  • Fast self-expanding cellulose sponge applies pressure to reduce clotting time
  • An adhesive strip securely seals the pad to help prevent bleed-through
  • 4-sided design seals & isolates the wound from elements creating a sterile barrier
  • Discrete
  • Clean and comfortable for the patient
  • Allows patients to leave the clinic faster and with confidence
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Sleek and modern solution

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CPB02 Self-Activating Pressure Bandages. 100
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