The advantages of a suprapubic catheter

Suprapubic catheters

If possible your doctor will try to use a urethral catheter. There may be times however where using a suprapubic catheter through your abdominal wall is a better choice. Many patients who use suprapubic catheters say that they actually find them more comfortable than a standard catheter. Clinicians prefer them for some patients because there is a smaller chance of infection

The advantages of a suprapubic catheter

• Your urethra is lined with delicate skin which can be damaged over time if you use a urethral catheter longterm. Suprapubic catheters avoid this and also potential
irritation to the neck (opening) of the bladder where the catheter balloon sits.

• Hygiene is of utmost importance with catheters. Suprapubic catheters are much easier to keep clean because of where they sit on the body. This also makes them easier to wash.

• Suprapubic catheters can be easier to change yourself as well.

• Some patients find that urethral catheters get caught and pulled by clothing more often.

• Bigger tubes can be used with suprapubic catheters which means they are less likely to get blocked

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