Long term indwelling catheter

LINC Optitip Catheter - Catheter Tip
LINC Optitip Catheter - Catheter Tip

Small changes make big differences

The Optitip™ catheter has been designed with a balloon that is closer to the tip. This prevents damage to the bladder mucosa that can result from standard catheter tips which may suck against the bladder wall. An eyehole has been added below the balloon to drain residual urine.

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CH Product code Description Length Balloon PIP code
12CH 1007UB12OT Standard Length 40cm 5ml 4045910
14CH 1007UB14OT Standard Length 40cm 5ml 4045928
16CH 1007UB16OT Standard Length 40cm 5-10ml 4045936
18CH 1007UB18OT Standard Length 40cm 5-10ml 4045944
12CH 1007UBF12OT Female Length 33cm 5ml 4045951
14CH 1007UBF14OT Female Length 33cm 5ml 4045969
16CH 1007UBF16OT Female Length 33cm 5-10ml 4045977
18CH 1007UBF18OT Female Length 33cm 5-10ml 4045985
CH Product code Description Balloon PIP code
8CH 1007UBS08OT Paediatric 33cm 3ml 4045894
10CH 1007UBS10OT Paediatric 33cm 3ml 4045902
Specialist Catheter Tip Designs Integral Balloon Technology 100% Medical Grade, Biocompatible Silicone Scientifically Validated Inflation Solution
Patients experience different catheter-related problems such as blockages, spasms and recurrent infection. Our unique catheter designs allow you to apply individualised patient care, choosing the right catheter tip to suit the patient. The LINC catheter balloon is integral to the wall of the catheter. This eliminates the pain and trauma associated with balloon cuffing upon removal which can occur with standard catheter balloons.2–4 Silicone catheters provide double the drainage compared to the equivalent sized latex catheters.3,5,6 This helps to prevent blockages and ensure excellent, continuous drainage. Silicone is also safe for all your patients.3,7


LINC catheters are supplied with a pre-filled syringe of 5% glycerine solution that is proven to reduce premature balloon deflation. This solution equalises the osmotic pressure between the balloon and urine and helps the catheter to stay put for the 12 weeks dwell time.3,8
  • Includes free syringe of LINC Gel Lubricant (with lidocaine and chlorhexidine)
  • Optitip Brochure

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